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Flat Roof DIY Installation Advice and FAQs

Q. Do I need any specialist tools to install the rubber flat roofing waterproofing system?

A. No, absolutely no specialised tools are necessary and because of the all cold process, no equipment like gas bottles or torches are needed as you would expect when installing felt, asphalt or bituminous roofing materials!

Q. Do I need to replace or renew any timber or decking?

A. Only if any woodwork is water damaged, rotten or has lost is structural integrity to support an EPDM flat roof!

Q. Do you have to remove the old felt covering material?

A. Only if it is degraded, damaged, cracked or has rough edges. The EPDM can lay directly over the old felting material using grotextile underlay as a barrier the substrate and the rubber membrane waterproofing sealant sealer!


Q. Does the roof coating and material need to be perfectly dry before installation or repairs?

A. Your roof will never be perfectly dry as all flat roofs have a certain amount of water retention although the drier the better. The rubber membrane breathes due to it being vapour permeable allowing flat roof ventilation!

Q Can is be covered by wooden decking, flags or concrete?

A. Yes you can flag or deck over it for use on a veranda patio! EPDM is an excellent seal for block and beam etc!

Q. What if I need assistance whilst doing the installation?

A. No problem! just refer back to the complementary DVD sent with your order which shows you all fitting methods. Still need a hand, then do not hesitate to call our service hotline where we will be more than happy to assist you.


The following pictures show EPDM flat roof installation as shown on the front page (Mechanically Attached System)


Renew flat roof decking with new ply

Start to install underlay over new decking

Install grid system over underlay

Starting from centre, adhere EPDM to anchor strip

EPDM adhered to anchor strip at each ends

Completed EPDM with flat roof edge trims


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