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Company installation Services (Yorkshire): info@flat-roof-repair.co.uk
(Also, East Lancashire, North Derbyshire, North Nottinghamshire)

Mob Call: 07950 786081

DIY flat roof enquires (National): info@flat-roof-repair.co.uk
(Free Delivery Mainland UK on EPDM orders over 15 sq/m)

Mob Call: 07950 786081

Contractor Services

If you prefer LeakShield to install the EPDM flat roof system, then just call or email us with your flat roof details. Please supply info for the length x width, current roofing material, position of the gutter edge, if detached or attached and the position of the gutter edge. With this, we can calculate a estimated quote. Alternatively, we can come and view your roof at a convenient time. Our normal work radius is 20 - 25 miles from Bradford, West Yorkshire, see here

Your DIY Order  (free delivery)

Below are three example orders for for a flat roof extension measuring 5.5 x 3.5 m. Sheet required is always larger then the flat roof area, therefore 6 x 4 m is appropriate. See installation examples page for system types. All prices include VAT and delivery. Not sure? Call or email us now with your flat roof details. Edge trims need to be fitted to the none flat roof gutter edges to clamp the EPDM to the facias against wind uplift. Trims can be purchased from us or if you prefer alternative soffits or facia boards can be found at roofing merchants.


With every DIY order, we provide a complementary fitting DVD showing in a step-by-step layman's terms how to install the product.

diy it yourself flat roof




EPDM 6 x 4 m = 24 sq/m 312 EPDM 6 x 4 m = 24 sq/m 312 EPDM 6 x 4 m = 24 sq/m 312
Water based adhesive 5 litres 40 Underlay 5.5 x 3.5 = 19.25 sq/m 57.75 Underlay 5.5 x 3.5 = 19.25 sq/m 57.75
Substrate adhesive 2.5 litres 22 Anchor strip 30m + 100 plates 69 Substrate adhesive 2.5 litres 22
Seam adhesive 3.78 litres 36
Splice Cleaner 2.5 litres 22
Substrate adhesive 2.5 litres 20
Total inc VAT 374 Total in VAT 516.75 Total inc VAT 391.75

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