installation flat roof pictures

The Fully Bonded Flat Roof System

Rubber membrane is simply adhered to the deck with contact adhesive or water based adhesive - no ballast is required. For this method the decking must in good, dry, level condition. Perfect for a new flat roof installation.


The Mechanically Attached Flat Roof System

Rubber strips are laid over the underlay forming a grid. These strips are secured by metal plates and woodscrews. The Rubber is bonded directly to this grid with our seam adhesive and adhered to the substrate with bonding adhesive. Can be use on a new flat roof, or over a felted flat roof with no water damage.


The Ballasted System

EPDM is covered directly over pre-laid geotextile underlay and is secured with ballast. Perfect for old felt roofs where the base is not water damaged/rotten.


Before/After, two story flat roof extension

Damaged PVC Flat Roof replaced with EPDM using the mechanically attached system

Before/after, church community flat roof building entrance

Leaking mineral felt flat roof covered with killer flat roof moss renewed with EPDM

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