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EPDM Rubber Membrane is available in 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 metre widths x 60 metres in length, so most roof dimensions can be catered for either the residential or industrial market. We cut bespoke EPDM to any size or shape to the nearest half meter and sell diy or direct to the trade. The majority of flat roof structures are suitable to install the product. Forget about flat roofing felts, be smart and fit a rubber flat roof today! Now the preferred repairing flat roof solution!

EPDM Rubber Membrane (1.14mm thickness)
Rubber membrane sheeting to a thickness of 1.14 mm. For use on all installation methods - fully bonded - ballasted - Mechanically attached.
Geotextile Barrier Underlay
For the Ballasted and Mechanically attached systems, the geotextile underlay acts as a barrier between the substrate and the rubber membrane.
Water based Bonding Adhesive (20 litres)
Water based bonding adhesive making easier installation as the setting time is 2-3 hours so you can be sure of absolutely flat EPDM surface.
Substrate Bonding Adhesive (20 litres)
This is a type of contact adhesive bonds the EPDM to the substrate which can be anything, but not to be used to bond EPDM to itself.
Seam Adhesive (3.78 Litres)
This adhesive adheres EPDM to itself, this is necessary when used with the mechanically attached system and to splice overlaps and raw rubber.
Splice Cleaner (20 Litres)
This special solvent cleans and degreases the surface of the EPDM before the seam adhesive is applied. Apply to both surfaces of EPDM.
Uncured Rubber (Raw Rubber)
This uncured form of epdm is malleable and can be formed and stretched by hand for detailed work such as pipes, vents or skylights. It is bonded to the normal epdm with seam adhesive.
Anchor Strip (Russ Strip)
For use with the mechanically attached system; a grid is formed with the strips and is then fastened to the roof decking with anchor plates. The EPDM is then bonded onto the grid using the seam adhesive.
Anchor Strips fixing Plates
To us to attach the anchor strip for the mechanically attached system. These are fixed through the anchor strip, underlay and secured into the roof decking. The grid is used to adhere the EPDM to itself to secure.
Lap Sealant
To seal edges of seamed EPDM or uncured rubber (raw rubber) when used on detailed work.
Decanted adhesives and cleaners
Bonding adhesive, seam adhesive & splice cleaner is available in 5 litre, 2,5, litre and 250 ml cans for smaller installations.
Edge Trim (3 metre Lengths)
Aluminium edge trims available in brushed silver or white. To secure the EPDM to all perimeters except the gutter edge.
Weatherwise adhesive
A non-setting compound that stays semi liquid  and prevents the ballast from being dislodged into the gutter.
  Sundry Items
Brushes, rollers, silicone sealant, seam adhesive and white caps and covers.

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