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Problem Flat Roof Repairs

Sooner or later conventional flat roof felts will leak, resulting in domestic or commercial flat roof owners experiencing damage to their timber, ceilings, walls and décor. Home-owners, traditionally, purchase mineral felt to repair a leaking flat roof or to waterproof a new build flat roof construction. Unfortunately, poor quality felt has a limited lifespan due to it's lack of flexibility, weathering and failing joints. Generally, householders tend to buy more flat roofing felt because of the apparent lack viable alternatives. Stop! There is a more cost effective, robust, durable, long-life solution!

Flat Roof Repair/Replacement Solution

EPDM is the modern flat roof replacement solution for repairing a leaking flat roof or to cover a new flat roof structure. Sizes are available to fit most residential flat roof structures in a one piece covering, negating problems associated with seamed systems. The all-cold process ensures a quick and clean EPDM flat roof installation. Fixings and adhesives are all that are needed to secure the flat roof membrane against wind uplift, no gas bottles, no hot tar, no mess! Once installed, the rubber flat roof system guarantees a durable, robust and long lasting waterproof flat roof sealant to prevent any possibility of water ingress.

Proven Design

Rubber is already well proven for its water resistant properties on a wide selection of items such as diving gear, medical tubing, linings for storage tanks and of course, Wellington boots. EPDM rubber is manufactured into flat membrane sheeting specifically designed for flat roof waterproofing. EPDM expands and contracts with ambient temperature variants and can elongate up to 300% to compensate for structural movement. It is completely inert, environmentally friendly, unaffected by UV rays and is highly resistant to cracking or splitting. Benefits include; improved flat roof drainage, a very long life expectancy and little or no flat roof maintenance.

20 Year Guarantee

As well as the 20 year flat roof product guarantee, our company flat roofing services provide a 10 year insurance backed warranty on all work done by our installation fitters. This is fully transferable to the next owner should you sell your property. Call now for a free flat roof survey/quotation!

Flat roof garage, company flat roof contractor services
Refurbished EPDM flat roof garage installed by our contractor flat roof installation service. Click HERE to see the above epdm flat roof replacement pictures. See "Installation examples" page for more types.

Cost Effective Flat Roofing System

EPDM rubber membrane has a life expectancy of 40 years or more, is highly durable and ensures a proven cost-effective solution to your flat roof problems. Also, as well as a waterproofing sealant, it benefits from its properties flat roof insulation, reducing heating costs and carbon footprint. Suitable for most flat roof structures including a flat roof garage, flat roof house, flat roof extension, flat roof dormers, porches etc. Our authorised specialist flat roof contractors install throughout Yorkshire. We do not use sub-contractors!

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